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Learning Another Language

We want to work our prayer lives at EV, so we are going though this six week series looking at all the elements involved.

September Series

In this short series we will be talking about what God has been doing at EV in the last little while, and also what challenges lay ahead of us as a church.



In this one off sermon Nick Blustin talks to us about the journey we all  go through in forgiveness.

Under the Sun

 Listen as the teacher in Ecclesiastes takes us through what he learnt in the pursuit of money, work, love, wisdom and anything else you can think of, and why he found it all to be "Meaningless, utterly meaningless". 

Coming in January

This series will tackle the messiness and pressures  of modern life. Do we need to carry everything we carry? What elements are essential for a great life? Is it possible to live an uncluttered life?